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Grandma was a gangster

Grandma Was a Gangster

An original screenplay for a comedy  feature film.

Logline: Desperate not to lose a home to foreclosure, three 60-ish best friends devise a wacky plan to rob a chain of retirement homes with unscrupulous practices.

Film LA Laurels 

For a Cause Laurels - official selection

Kitchen Diva

A TV sitcom pilot script with two additional episodes to accompany the pilot. Logline: When an elderly cooking show host who shows signs of 'slipping' has determined that the show must go on, her production team and family do all they can to keep it from unraveling daily while she's live on the air.  (more)

Unspoken Word

An original dramatic stage play. Logline: A teenaged girl learns to rely on spoken word as an outlet for dealing with the problems in her life. An original book of poetry is also available entitled "Unspoken Word."



The Audition

A 5-minute comedy short film produced for the 'On The Lot' competition on Fox TV.

The President Obama Story/Celebration

A video short tribute and brief history in pictures of the life of President Barack Obama.  [view]

Remembering Isaac Hayes

A tribute to the late, great, masterful musician and composer, Isaac Hayes. He passed on August 10, 2008. May he rest in peace.  [view]

Promotional Commercial

Produced for DC Smile Designers, Dr. Cynthia Worsley, DDS,  Washington, DC.  [view]


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