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Grandma was a gangster



GRANDMA WAS A GANGSTER - An original screenplay for a comedy  feature film.

Logline: Desperate not to lose a home to foreclosure, three 60-ish best friends devise a wacky plan to rob a chain of retirement homes with unscrupulous practices.  (more)
zebra syndrome
is based on the 70s hit “Watermelon Man” but not like you might remember!

The Zebra Syndrome tells the story of Marcie Stephenopolos’ dramatic accidental change in physiology and status. She believes a homeless woman cursed her and she goes to sleep as a white woman and wakes up black. She has to adjust to her new life in many ways and make the best of her new situation. (treatment available)

zebra finalist laurels

SISTER SISTER SISTER - A short film about three sisters from three different eras, that find each other through the death of their biological father. They  discover life, love and forgiveness when they meet for the first time. With this project, we had the opportunity to work with writer/producer and actor, Angel Harper; actor, well-known writer and producer, Rana Kirkland;  and Howard University alumni, actor, writer, and producer Lanett Tachel. VIEW THE TRAILER  or VIEW THE FILM.
UNSPOKEN WORD - This original stage play tells the story of a young lady trying to find her way after the tragic loss of her mother and being a pastor's kid with the wrong friends. She finds a new path for her life with spoken word.



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