DC Homegrown Entertainment is the culmination of two DC-born and raised women. Our vision and goal is to write, direct and produce television programming and films that tell interesting and thought provoking stories.

Our concepts are fresh and original and ready to be told. For too long, programming choices about people of color have been limited by various controlling factors. Mainly, how can you tell the story if you don't know the story?

We have also grown tired of the obvious void in television/cable programming that accurately represents other facets of the urban experience... in other words, we don't all live in "the hood." We are overdue and sadly lacking in the choices given to us for entertainment by the mainstream mediums. It's time someone raised the banner a bit higher, which is why DC Homegrown Entertainment was birthed. When we realized that we both had the same driving force and concern -- to produce better television programming and films and center them around the urban experience -- we knew this was the confirmation we had individually sought. We got together and decided to form DC Homegrown Entertainment and pool our collective creative energies.


Nichole is a native Washingtonian whose family roots and ties are deep in the Washington, DC community.  She comes from a family of entrepreneurs who strongly believe in making your mark on history.  Nichole's background includes photojournalism, writing poetry and business.  She's a graduate of Calvin Coolidge High School in DC and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  She has also completed additional training including classes and seminars at the Los Angeles Screenwriting Expo and other workshops


Also from Washington, DC, Linda has a background in writing, graphics, and social and healthcare marketing . She attended DC public schools and is a graduate of Calvin Coolidge High School. She attended the University of the District of Columbia and the USDA Graduate School where she studied journalism. Her background includes writing, film editing, and web design. She has also completed additional training including writing workshops, classes and seminars at the Los Angeles Screenwriting Expo.


Nichole and Linda grew up together in northeast, Washington, DC.  They were the founders of several community entertainment groups that included dance and fashion modeling. 

Who knew that what they did for fun and entertainment was preparing them for the journey of a lifetime?  And to think, it all started with a vision.

"For without a vision, the people perish." -- Proverbs 29:18.




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